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football programs in other parts of the state found a way to adopt the players. The storm crashed ashore in the early morning of Aug. We were all in uncharted territory. Ten years since Katrina entered the lexicon of American culture, a symbol of pain, sadness and devastation, yet also of courage, strength and perseverance. Every year it was the site of the Sugar Bowl, and sometimes a college football national championship game.

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Some days Ill be walking around when its empty, and Ill look at some area and I can see the people who were living there, Thornton said last week, sitting in a concourse-level conference room. Visitors expectations typically vary depending on the type of location and the volume of traffic (high, medium or low). Reese had spent 53 of his 60 years in New Orleans and had lived through Hurricane Camille in 1969. He had suffered a severe shoulder injury in the last game of the 2005 season, and it was uncertain if he would be an effective player again. Much more important, the teamalways beloved, even as a perennial loserbecame a symbol of hope and perseverance. Vault: Fate of Saints takes backseat to scenes of despair in New Orleans. His best pupil was Marshall Faulk, the Hall of Fame running back whom he coached at Carver High in the Ninth Ward. New Orleans continues to slowly recover, a smaller city and a different city. The building was already filling with residents seeking shelter. A team that had been forced to play half its home games the previous season in San Antonio and half at LSUs Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge returned home to defeat the Falcons. Sports have been a part of that recovery. Washroom - Every target group has different needs and expectations. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookie Policy. But the exodus has reversed.

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We love the Saints. There are still lines of discoloration on many buildings, silent reminders of how high the floodwaters rose. Water was lapping at its walls. Their quarterback was Drew Brees. Ten years have passed since the wind blew and the waters rose in New Orleans. Higher expectations might include better quality towels, softer toilet paper and gentler soaps as well as more stylish dispensers and. At the urging of then NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and at a cost of nearly 200 million, the building was readied for the Saints 2006 home opener, on Monday night, Sept. . The population of New Orleans was just under 500,000 before Katrina, and according helt naken katrina sport modellen knullet to the.S. When Thornton hears a helicopter, he remembers the unceasing chopper roar. We havent had that since before the storm.

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  1. Cities have faced in modern times what New Orleans faced in that late summer of 2005 and in the decade since.

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